Janet Winterbourne, MSTAT
Alexander Technique teacher in
Clapham, London SW4
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My previous working life was in offices starting on a national newspaper in Fleet Street. I used early computers in the 1970s in the printing industry
and, later, produced the magazine for a drugs charity. I also studied with the Open University gaining a First Class Honours Degree.
About me
I was introduced to the Alexander Technique in 1988. I enjoyed my lessons and benefited both physically and psychologically. I felt increased self-confidence and ease.
In 2004, I completed the three-year full-time training course in the Alexander Technique at the Alexander Technique Studio in Wandsworth.
I have done further training at the Constructive Teaching Centre (CTC),
in Holland Park and at Imperial Wharf. I have been teaching since 2004:
on both my training courses, as well as at Arts Ed, LAMDA and City Lit.
I was resident teacher at the Actors Centre in Covent Garden, and taught
in charities: the Helios Centre and the Spitalfields Crypt Trust. Currently,
I teach private lessons from home in Clapham Old Town.
My interests include walking, going to the theatre, and playing bridge.
I completed the Glasgow, New York and London marathons and still enjoy running once a week.
I love the Alexander Technique. I think of it as a way of coming back to oneself. By helping you to let go of what you don't need, you gain freedom.
It is life changing.