Janet Winterbourne, MSTAT
Alexander Technique teacher in
Clapham, London SW4
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The Alexander Technique is taught one-to-one and involves hands on and verbal guidance from your teacher. It is not a therapy, a treatment or a quick fix, neither does it involve physical hardship or strenuous effort. It does require practise. You learn what not to do and how to prevent it. It is absolutely not about fixed positions or exercises. Instead the AT is about expansion, freeing yourself up to increase freedom of movement and improve flexibility allowing more alertness and spontaneity. Lessons require the student's active participation. You work with your teacher to discover how your reactions and habits may have interfered with the best use of your body in daily life. Once you learn to stop and prevent unnecessary muscle tension and bad habits, your body can start to recover its natural poise and freedom.

Lessons involve simple, everyday activities such as sitting, standing, lying down, turning, walking, bending or lifting. You learn to use less muscular effort: to act, not react. The development of conscious, directed thinking is one of the key characteristics identifying the Alexander Technique.

Lessons are 45 minutes and I charge £40. Six to 10 lessons can help make changes, but 20 to 25
is best for sustainable self-development. I will ask you to take your shoes off during the lesson. Please wear loose clothing, preferably trousers.
"Bad posture looks less cool as you get older"